Listed below are some of the Gerflor vinyls that we stock that can be used in your home. If you would like further information regarding any of our vinyl ranges, please contact us.
Gerflor Agrippa
Featuring GripX anti-slip coating, Agrippa has been designed with your safety in mind.
This is the ideal anti-slip flooring for rooms where water is present (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), as you can walk around safely even when the floor is wet!
Highly water resistant and easy to clean, the elegant Agrippa range will convince you that peace of mind is priceless.


Texlines Primetex
Gerflor Texlines Primetex
Primetex is easy to fit and provides underfoot comfort. (Primetex must be laid on even surfaces).


Texlines Grip'X
Gerflor Texlines Grip'X
The wear layer of the product has been treated with an “anti-slip” protection treatment to secure a better grip of the feet to the floor surface even when it is wet (perfect for bathrooms, kitchens…).


Gerflor Texline
Texline is the perfect flooring for renovation work or home improvement. The material is damp proof, can be laid over existing flooring and does not require levelling. The thickness of the product provides sound and heat insulation.