Listed below are some of the Jhs Carpet ranges that we stock that can be used in your office or work place. If you would like further information regarding any of our carpet ranges, please contact us.
Spikeproof / Studproof
JHS Spikeproof / Studproof
Specific qualities have been formulated to withstand the damaging nature of golf spikes. Our ranges feature a 5 year heavy contract spike and stud-proof warranty, when installed to our specification, and offer soil resistant properties that far outlast other treatments.


Schools, Universities & Colleges
JHS Schools, Universities & Colleges
Schools, Universities, Colleges all require hard wearing cost effective carpet and flooring. Joseph Hamilton & Seaton offer a range of fibre bonded carpet with unique patterning, designed to be pupil and student friendly, whilst being extremely hard wearing and practical. Other solutions have been explored in the form of cut and loop pile ranges manufactured using the latest tufting and fibre technology to ensure the highest performance where heavy traffic is likely.

Tretford Carpet and Carpet Tiles are particulary suitable for heavy wear areas in Schools,Colleges and Universities.


Hotel, Leisure & Restaurant Areas
JHS Hotel, Leisure & Restaurant Areas
The collection comprises of design options using delightfully simple motifs suitable for a variety of demanding locations from prestige leisure areas to the most elegant of hotels, whilst being able to fit in with a range of current styles. They are manufactured in 80% wool 20% nylon using the finest materials which are ideal for areas which require a high degree of style with the performance of wool rich fibres such as hotel bedrooms, walkways, hospitality/bar areas and restaurants.


Hospitals & Residential Care Homes
JHS Hospitals & Residential Care Homes
An especially demanding sector of the market are the requirements of residential care homes and hospitals. Our Hospi collection are all suitable for use in healthcare areas. They all benefit from a totally impervious backing and are produced using 100% BCF polypropylene which is resistant to bleach and staining. All range of colours are specially developed to co-ordinate with a wide selection of flame retardant fabrics, modern and traditional designs which give greater flexibility when making a selection.


Commercial,Industrial & Offices
JHS Commercial,Industrial & Offices
Our cut pile and loop pile ranges combine functionality with style, flare and originallity and we are supported by a complimentary palette of vibrant shades, suitable for any application within the commercial enviroment. Products have been designed to give high performance and wearability whilst offering oustanding value for money.