Why Karndean?
Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean flooring replicates all the beauty of natural flooring materials with none of the practical drawbacks. Whilst being virtually indistinguishable from the materials which inspire the designs, it offers significant advantages in terms of design capability, maintenance and cost.
Karndean Flooring     Karndean Flooring
What are the benefits?
  • It's realistic and versatile.
  • It's warmer underfoot than most natural flooring products.
  • It's also quiet underfoot, making it perfect for anywhere in the home.
  • It's Durable. it wont splinter, chip or crack.
  • It's Low maintenance, all karndean floors only require a simple 3-step cleaning process.
  • It's hygenic. Karndean floors will not harbour dirt or bacteria.
  • It's versatile. With over 100 standard products and a vast array of design components in the range, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Last but not least, it's affordable. In comparison to most natural floors and alternative design flooring brands, you will find that Karndean stands out as the affordable option.
But don't take our word for it, come into the showroom and talk to one of our members of staff. We will be happy to guide you through any questions about Karndean Flooring you may have.